Work Injuries

We can help you with treatment from a work accident injury through Workcover

What you need to know as an injured worker.

If you are in the unfortunate position were you have sustained an injury while performing your duties at work. Take confidence that the workcover scheme is available to insure that you receive the required treatment to return you to health.

At ES Physio we provide Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology treatment for all work related injuries.

As an injured worker you are required to nominate a treating doctor for your injury. Your treating doctor will issue you with a work cover medical certificate. You must also notify your employer of your injury as soon as possible and provide a copy of your work cover medical certificate.

When seeking treatment for your injury with ES Physio please provide a copy of your workcover medical certificate. We will ensure that our communication with your treating doctors and employer are regular to facilitate a time efficient plan to return you back to you full duties as soon as possible.

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