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Our healthcare professionals are experienced in assessing, diagnosing and treating a range of musculoskeletal problems using evidence-based therapies and equipment.

Exercise Physiology

If you are at risk of developing a medical condition or have an existing one, a clinical exercise program can help to prevent and manage them…Read More


After a comprehensive assessment and examination, our physiotherapists will make a clinical diagnosis and discuss the most appropriate treatment plan with you…Read More


Physiotherapy is covered by Medicare in some situations. Talk to your GP about your eligibility as you must be referred under an Enhanced Primary Care Plan…Read More


ES Physiotherapy is registered with, and approved by, AHPRA to provide appropriate treatment to reduce pain, improve function and facilitate your safe return to work. …Read More

Exercise Physiology, Clinical Pilates & Sports Physiotherapy in Sydney

ES Physiotherapy has holistic physiotherapy practices in Kingsford, Randwick & Bondi Junction with a focus on outstanding care, individualised treatment and injury prevention, so you recover quicker.