Back Pain

Have confidence that our Specialist Physiotherapists are up to date with scientifically proven treatment techniques that will provide lasting results. Our Physiotherapists will explain what treatments are required to reverse the contributing factors to your condition for the complete fix.

All physiotherapists at ES Physiotherapy are spinal specialists with postgraduate certifications in advanced spinal assessment and manual therapy.

With your help we thoroughly gather a detailed history of your spine symptoms and concerns.

Following the history your Physiotherapist will determine what components of a physical exam to perform to help rule in or rule out possible diagnoses from your history.

Within the Physical exam your Physiotherapist will carefully examine your spine.

Neurological exam is required if you have described symptoms that may indicate you are experiencing compression or inflammation related to a nerve or the spinal cord.
Vertebrobasilar insufficiency (blood flow restrictions causing symptoms)
Movements of the spinal joints (looking for joint restrictions or instability)
Palpation of spinal joints (looking for joint experiencing compression, inflammation etc)
Soft tissue examination (assessing muscle for overload, tightness, strains and sprains and tears)
Area of pain will be carefully assessed for damaged structures
Position and alignment of vertebrae
X-ray, CT and MRI explanation of findings in clear easy to understand language
Special testing stability, instability and functional movements
Throughout and following the physical exam our Physiotherapist will explain your assessment and how it is relevant to you and your condition.

Our Physiotherapists will then clearly explain your diagnosis in easy to understand language ensuring you are informed of what is causing your symptoms and concerns.

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