Exercise Physiology

You can be confident in our exercise physiologists knowledge, experience and specialised programming to help you overcome your medical conditions. Our Exercise Physiologists have extensive experience with cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, endocrine and lifestyle conditions.

Our Exercise Physiologists are specialists in the benefits of rehabilitative exercise.

We apply our specialised knowledge of how the body systems work optimally together to design an exercise rehabilitation program that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our Exercise Physiologists will assess you and your needs, then can prescribe a course of exercises for either rehabilitation, fitness and/or sports performance.

Pilates may be recommended with home based or gym based exercise routines. They can also advise on lifestyle modification programs and have proven strategies to help you with your goals.

Exercise Physiology, Clinical Pilates & Sports Physiotherapy in Sydney

ES Physiotherapy has holistic physiotherapy practices in Kingsford, Randwick & Bondi Junction with a focus on outstanding care, individualised treatment and injury prevention, so you recover quicker.